We are so confident in the quality of our home inspections, we are willing to stand behind each and every inspection. We educate every client whether you are a buyer, seller or current homeowner about the future of your homes integrity.



Purchasing a building that is used for your business is an important part of your company's growth.

Thorough & Professional


Shield Inspection Services will inspect all major systems and components thoroughly and professionally. We will physically show you the strengths and weaknesses within your home. NYS certified/licensed.

Offering the complete
picture of your new home

  • Roofing

    A thorough inspection of your roofs structure: shingles, plywood, flashing, ventilation, insulation, gutters, etc.

  • Structural

    An examination of all visible structural components such as steel beams, main supports, headers, foundations, trusses.

  • Attics

    An attic is often overlooked since it's not a place that is visited frequently. However if the attic space is not properly insulated and vented, this can lead to major problems down the road.

  • Ventilation

    Making sure that your whole house has the proper ventilation is extremely important to eliminate moisture problems. This will ensure your home's integrity for many years to come.

  • Plumbing

    Plumbing involves the installation, maintenance and alteration of piping, fixtures, appliances and accessories in connection with sanitary or storm drainage facilities, venting systems and public or private water supply systems. A plumbing system consists of three systems. Water supply, drain waste and disposal, mechanical, ample fixtures and equipment. We inspect and operate all fixtures and run several gallons of water through the plumbing system, checking the overall condition of the system. Leaking pipes, dripping valves, clogged pipes, corrosion, reversed hot and cold water supplies. Limited hot water or inadequate water pressure are indications of a defective plumbing system.

  • Electrical

    We make sure that the electrical system has the correct amount of amperage to run your home safely and efficiently. We inspect the main service line and the service panel and address any safety issues that may be present. We also note the presence of GFCI's and the over all safety of the whole electrical system.

  • Heating & Cooling

    Heating, Venting and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems should be inspected regularly, not just when the house is being sold. Whether central air conditioning or window room air conditioners are used, these systems can use a lot of electrical power.

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Get to know the real
condition of your
future home

The process of buying, selling and owning a home is a learning experience. We help you get the most out of this purchase by compiling a comprehensive report detailing the structural and mechanical condition of your home. All of our inspections are conducted in accordance with NYS licensing regulations. Your home inspection will provide a detailed evaluation of your home's condition, an explanation of the various coponents of the home and how they work together, information on how to avoid costly repairs in the near future, and digital photos showing problem areas that may affect your decision in buying or selling your home.

Our Inspection Reports Include:

  • Digital Photos

    We take photos throughout the inspection process, if there is an area of concern we will detail each photo with descriptions and recommendations

  • A Detailed Report

    Documenting each inspection in detail is a very important part of our job. We will explain each area of inspection ensuring the satisfaction of your purchase.

  • One on one informational meeting

    We encourage you to attend the home inspection. A thorough walk through and meeting in person will answer concerns you may have. Of course if you can't attend, we will be happy to answer any questions after the inspection is complete.

  • Continued support after the inspection

    Once the inspection is over and the report has been provided, there may be questions that you have overlooked. Our continued support will ensure that all of your questions are answered about the inspection.